Yahoo! Finance Announces the Launch of Skypoint Capital Partners

by | Dec 13, 2019

In a recent article on Yahoo! Finance, the publication announced the official launch of Skypoint Capital Partners, a distribution and marketing platform that focuses on income-oriented solutions.

In addition to this launch, Yahoo! Finance also announced that Skypoint has begun a strategic partnership with Principal Street Partners, a registered investment advisor based in Memphis, Tennessee with over $1 billion in assets. This partnership will bring Skypoint time-tested investment insights as well as operational expertise. 

Skypoint also plans to add first-rate investment managers to its open architecture platform, which includes taxable and tax-exempt fixed income, equity dividends, infrastructure, and private credits. 

“By combining our highly-experienced distribution and marketing platform with proven independent, boutique investment managers, we hope to create tremendous value for investment professionals seeking tax advantaged and income-focused strategies.” 

–  Skypoint Managing Partner and CEO Brian Smith.